Sakura Gakuin introduce "Ganbare!" & talk about costumes for Halloween Event 2013

Sakura Gakuin 2013 were interviewed by Kawaii Girl Japan to introduce their new Single called "Ganbare!" but also talk about their ideas for Halloween costumes and event information about the Halloween Event in November. Watch the interview with English Subtitles plus Barks Kawaii Japan article translated! 


Sakura Gakuin talks about "Ganbare!" costumes for Halloween Event!

Sakura Gakuin welcomes the transfer students 2013 with the release of their new Single, "Ganbare!" on October 9. 


The lyrics of the Single are written by Joya Uenaka (The Inazuma Sentai) and by Papala Kawai in charge of the composition. The song itself has the upbeat tempo that will give the energy for Monday morning which will last for the rest of the week. 


Also, sub units new songs "Welcome To My Computer" (Kagakubu Kagaku Kyumei Kiko Logica?) and "Acha! Cha! Curry" (Mini-Pati) were recorded for the Limited Edition A and Limited Edition B respectively. In honor to the "Pumpkin Parade" which is recorded for the regular CD edition, we asked the Sakura Gakuin members what they would like to dress for Halloween. 




Interview by: Kawaii Girl Japan

Translation & Subtitles by: Kawaii Girl Japan

Article by: Barks Kawaii Japan

Article translated by: Hitoshi Sugioka


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