2013.10.02 - Sakura Gakuin show their skills on Music x ID

Sakura Gakuin went to Music x ID show to have fun and show their special skills. Most of the girls showed great skills other like Aiko, Moa, Raura or Yui didn't showed special skills. Watch the full video with english subtitles.


Sakura Gakuin on Music x ID

Sakura Gakuin girls were interviewed on Music x ID to talk about the Hinata, Marina, Nene and Raura's graduations and in addition to talk about their special skills. First were introduced by one of the presenters and then started to show their skills. Nene was the first and probably the only one with a special skill, then followed her Yunano and Ooga. After that no more special skills were showed, but lot of fun completed the great interview. Don't miss Yui's special skills! 


Watch the full interview below. 

Translation and subtitles by Thomas Malone


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