2013.09.22 - BABYMETAL exclusive interview at Inazuma Rock Festival

BABYMETAL was interviewed by Nami Iwasaki and Reo Tsuchiya at the Inazuma Rock Festival 2013 in Shiga Prefecture. The exclusive interview took place before their performance. The girls talking about meeting metal music, Kitsune-Sama, going to school and performing in Festivals, Su-Metal as elder sister of Yuimetal an Moametal and more, watch the 13 minutes interview with english subtitles below! 

BABYMETAL interviewed before their show at Inazuma Rock Festival 2013 

BABYMETAL was interviewed by the idol Nami Iwasaki and the artist Reo Tsuchiya for a special NicoNico live stream interviews with performers of the Inazuma Rock Festival 2013 (Show report here). They interviewed BABYMETAL before their show to talk about what they do before their performances, meeting Metal music, Kitsune-Sama (FOX GOD), Su-Metal as elder sister of Yuimetal and Moametal their new costumes and more. 

Su-Metal mentioned that they usually warm up and do vocal exercises and homeworks before the shows as well. 

Moametal talked about how they met Metal music through the FOX GOD. 

Yuimetal in the other hand said how she thought was Metal music before BABYMETAL

Also, Su-Metal was asked about the differences between solo shows and performing at Festivals like Inazuma. 

The girls talked about Shiga Prefecture, Moametal said that she already knew the area and sailed around the Lake Biwa. 

Watch the full 13 minutes interview with english subtitles including Megitsune Music Video at the end below!  

Translation courtesy of: Du-Enki

Translation note: Su-Metal said the Makuhari Messe show date wrong, "November 21st", was edited edited in the video. 

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