2013.07.31 - Moa & Yui interviewed on BIG ONE GIRLS Magazine

Moa Kikuchi and Yui Mizuno were interviewed on Big One Girls Magazine Nº17 on July 31 of 2013 to talk about the Sakura Gakuin 4th Graders, Nene Sugisaki, Marina Horiuchi, Hinata Sato and Raura Iida. Also they talk about their personal news.

Interview translated courtesy of YMJapan

Moa & Yui about the Sakura Gakuin 3rd Graders on Nendo 2013

Q: What do you two think of the current 4 Jr. High 3rd graders of SG?

Moa: "I think Marippe (Marina) has changed. I joined this industry with Nenedon (Sugisaki Nene) and Marippe."

Q: Uh-huh, so Yui-chan is your kohai… (younger member in a group such as school and workplace)

Moa: "Oh, she’s my senpai. (laugh) Marippe was bustling around in the early days. She was a perfect Fushigi-chan* type. Though, she’s really matured now. I think she gets so serious sometimes that she holds problems in herself. I think she has changed the most. Nenedon is considerate and able to understand others’ feelings, I love her. As for Hi-chan (Hinata), I love her cheeks. (laugh) She makes takoyaki with her cheek and let us touch it to make us happy. I think Rautan (Raura) is matured the most. I was delighted to hear her saying “Moa is my favorite young sister” the other day."

Q: How’s Yui-chan’s impression on them?

Yui: "As each of them got a position, I think they can focus on it, and they have changed on that point. And as Moa said, Marimari (Marina) has changed the most. I think Marimari is a type who is not good at telling severe stuff. Even so, she tries to tell them and I think that makes the good SG."

Q: What kind of roll do you Jr. High 2nd graders do?

Moa:: "I think it’s important for us the 4 Jr. High 2nd graders to support the 4 Jr. High 3rd graders."

Yui: "As the 3rd grades would have to unite all members, I hope the 2nd grades could support each member closely. The seniors often have a talk about “What kind of SG we should make?”, and one conclusion we share is “to value the teamwork”. So I hope to show the bond of SG by supporting them."

Q: Are you ready for showing the bond in the lives and the open class events in this summer?

Moa:: "We are ready. I hope to make our feelings one so that we can have a lot of fun with Fukei-San."

Yui: "I’d like to make a show of the sophisticated SG."

Q: Would you tell me something “I won’t lose to the other SG members regarding this” or, “I’m confident in it among SG members”?

Yui: "I’m confident in dancing, if any. So maybe dancing. I began to learn dancing from my 1st or 2nd grade. I began to go to a dance school watching little kids were dancing in the live of EXILE, then I became to love dancing. If I have to choose one, it would be dancing."

Moa: "It’s kind of my longing, though it’s idols. I think idols can provide people with smiles and energy. I admire Suzuki Airi-chan of C-ute, she’s awesome for giving people hopes with her singings. She’s always nice to fans whatever happens. And Yajima Maimi-chan(also a member of ℃-ute) ‘s blog. I can sense her feelings through her blog, I’d like to learn from her. Moa wants to be an idol like them, looking for something only Moa can deliver."


Q: Lastly, would you tell me your personal news?

Moa: "My proturuding naval has contracted. (Laugh) I check it when I take a bath, it’s contracted as I grow and makes me happy. I can show it as much as I want now. (Laugh)"

Yui: "I’m into Funky Monkey Babies. They disbanded at June 2nd, though I happened to watch them singing “Chippoke na Yuuki (a little courage)” in a TV program a little before that. I was moved greatly to shred tears. After that, I heard they would disband and regretted not to know them earlier. My friends said “Aren’t you too late to like them?”, but I’d like to keep listening to them because they have many good songs, and spreading their goodness."


Q: Would you pick a song you recommend?

Yui: "Whaaat!? …then, “Daijoubudayo (you gonna be all right)” I want Marimari to listen to it."