Music Lounge report: BABYMETAL prays at "Inari Ceremony" for a new song "Megitsune"

Music Lounge report about BABYMETAL's Inari cermeony at Tower Records Shibuya to celebrate and bless the release of "Megitsune" Single which was released three days earlier on June 19. Check the report translated and photos from the event below.


BABYMETAL "Inari Ceremony" in Tower Records Shibuya, report by Music Lounge.

The Metal Dance Unit BABYMETAL released their 2nd Single "Megitsune" on June 19 ranked in the second place of the Oricon Singles Daily Chart on June 21. Also on June 22 (Saturday) to commemorate the release of the new song, about 350 fans adquired tickets with the image of "Inari" character of the Toyokawa Inari which is in Toyokawa City in Aichi Prefecture, to made a prayer at Tower Records Shibuya Cutup Studio B1F. 


In addition with the new song "Megitsune", at the event to dedicate a prayer was served a Fox-like "Inari Sushi" to be eaten. As guests at the event appeared the mascot of Aichi's Toyokawa Inari temple "Inarin" and Tower Records President Ikuo Minewaki san wearing black to make the prayers together with BABYMETAL


At the event were introduced the "FOX Messenger", "Black Inari Sushi" and Tower Records president Ikuo Minewaki. After took place a full prayer by the priest and BABYMETAL members, then BABYMETAL members talked about the new song "Megitsune" and future goals. The Scream & Dance members Yuimetal and Moametal said: "This is a wasshoi wasshoi wasshoi theme song. There is a line with choreography that will be exciting at festivals to have fun!". Speaking of, Su-Metal Vocal & Dance said: "We will also perform in Festivals such as Summer Sonic this summer, I'm really looking forward to see a lot of people that we have not seen yet!"


At the end of the event fans who gathered called "BABYMETAL Kon!"


Also on this day, besides of doing the prayers, they hold a mini-live playing the new song "Megitsune", "Iine" and "Ijime, Dame, Zettai". In the streets groups of men and women walked through the streets of Shibuya rising Kitsune signs and wearing Kitsune masks. 


BABYMETAL "Legend 1999, Yuimetal & Moametal Seitansai" will take place at the NHK Hall on Sunday June 30. (Tickets got sold out the same day of sale). Also will play in Hokkaido at Join Alive 2013 on July 21, on August 10 and August 11 they will appear at the large rock festival Summer Sonic 2013.




Article by: Music Lounge.

Translation by: Maik Gianino.


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