BABYMETAL about Kami Band, "Megitsune", "Akatsuki" & "Onedari Daisakusen" on HOTWAVE

BABYMETAL visited once again HOTWAVE presented by Yamamoto. This time the girls promote their new Single released this day, Megitsune! They talk about the songs of the Single, the Death Match Tour, Kami Band, key words of the group and more! Watch the interview with English Subtitles below! 


BABYMETAL interviewed on HOTWAVE introducing new Single "Megitsune"

BABYMETAL was interviewed for second time in 2013 by Yamamoto on HOTWAVE. This time BABYMETAL visited HOTWAVE to introduce their new Single "Megitsune". Yuimetal and Moametal at the beginning discuss how taller they got since their last visit on HOTWAVE in February (Watch here), Yuimetal is now taller than Moametal, but Moametal promised to "It's alright. I shall pass her soon"


The girls are asked about the new Single "Megitsune", the content of the release featuring new songs "Onedari Daisakusen" by Black BABYMETAL and "Akatsuki" Su-Metal's solo song, the making process of the Music Video and the meaning of the lyrics for the girls and favorite lines of the song. 


They also talked about the "Death Match Tour" in May, and  their performances with Kami Band, Su-Metal mentioned: "It felt like I was being supported from my back. When I thought I was really singing with the live band, I was much affected."  Meanwhile Yuimetal: "My heart was benging in my chest." Moametal said: "It felt as if there was an earthquake in my heart." 


Then, they explained some key words like "Wall Of Death", "Mosh'sh", "Baby Headbanging", "Dozega Headbanging" 

The girls also promoted "Legend 1999, Yuimetal & Moametal Seitansai" at NHK Hall (Show report, Show photos).


Watch the full interview with many cute moments and great information about BABYMETAL below!



Translation and Subtitles: Du-Metal. 

Watch BABYMETAL first appearance on HOTWAVE, watch here.


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