2013.05.27 - BABYMETAL members impressions about each other on BIG ONE GIRLS 

BIG ONE GIRLS interviewed Suzuka Nakamoto, Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi on issue number 16 released on May 27 of 2013. One of the several interview sections with the girls was "Impressions" to talk about each other. Find out what the BABYMETAL girls think about each other. Interview translated by YMJapan.


Su-metal, Yuimetal and Moametal on BIG ONE GIRLS section "Impressions" 

BIG ONE GIRLS Magazine Volume 16, special section called "Impressions" featuring BABYMETAL members talking about each other.

About Moametal:

Suzuka: "She proposes dances and sometimes changes the performances and the way of headbanging, so I enjoy watching them. She danced so violently that she broke the shoes in the “Z” live."

Yui: "I think she has an element of a boy. She’s so powerful and calls herself (in disguise to avoid public notice) Koyaji (a little middle age guy). (Laughs)"

About Su-metal:

Yui: "Her singing is superb. Su-metal has to dance as hard as us in “DokiDoki~”, still her vocals doesn’t sway on long tones. That’s awesome. But she’s clumsy in daily lives. (Laughs)"

Moa: "She’s a dependable sister. She watchs over us warmly even on stage. I was glad that she said “I can go back to my childhood with Moametal”, but come to think of it, I think Su-metal is also a child. (Laughs)"

About: Yuimetal:

Suzuka: "She’s usually frivolous, but becomes sharp when it comes to dancing. Also, her subtle moves are beautiful. She’s also good at finding a little different side of someone’s characters."

Moa: "She’s like a boiled egg. I want to bite her cheeks. Looks delicious! But you shouldn’t eat it after all. (Laughs)"