2013.05.21 - Yuimetal's diary about "BABYMETAL Death Match 'May Revolution' Tour 2013"

Yui Mizuno wrote a new diary on Sakura Gakuin but as Yuimetal to talk about the experience of the "BABYMETAL Death Match 'May Revolution' Tour 2013" which took place during 2 week. Considered as "Training Tour" by the girls, was their first full shows with Kami Band! Read her impressions below! 


Yui Mizuno impressions on BABYMETAL "May Revolution" Tour 2013

It was extremely enjoyable!

I'm Yuimetal.  To the people who kindly came to the May Revolution live thank you very much this live was a training tour, therefore running, dogeza hedoban (headbanging on the floor), mosshusshu, Kitsune sign, it was a live where we learned these 4 techniques all the songs were with the live band, surely the sound was different than the CD, and when the sound of the drums doing 'banban' was echoing, the feeling of our heart resounding like 'baku baku' left a great impression. Next, the drumming of Saki-chan, that is her specialty (Sakura Gakuin's Shirai Saki) I really want to hear (Laughs)


Also, this time BABYMETAL is going back to its origins, so we wore the costumes from before as well. Doki Doki Morning costume, Hedobangya's costume, (morning) Ijime, Dame, Zettai's costume, (evening) New song! Megitsune's costume.


The costumes we wore on the 5/10, both the shirt and the skirt, had become small, so it was really a nostalgic feeling. This time, we had the costume lenghthened by our stylist. We wore the Megitsune costume at a live show for the first time, how was it?


On the day we first introduced BABYMETAL, Sakura Gakuin's first Festival still the first solo show with the first generation members I was terribly nervous really nostalgic since then already 3 years have passed was it long? was it short? It's a strange feeling (Laughs)


At the recent live shows, on 05.17 (May 17) Ayaka-chan, [and] on 05.18 (May 18) the members of Sakura Gakuien came to watch us. I'm truly grateful to everyone. At this training tour, the things I was taught. I will give my best with all my efforts, to make the best use of them in the future I'm really grateful. This intense live show where I got a lot of power from everyone was really enjoyable.




Diary and photos by: Yuimetal. 

Translation by: Gakushabaka

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