2013.04.15 - Suzuka Nakamoto Touji Letter to Sakura Gakuin students on her Photobook

Suzuka Nakamoto wrote a Touji Letter in response to the Souji Letter wrote by Sakura Gakuin students before her graduation. Nakamoto shared her deep thoughts about her stay on Sakura Gakuin, please read the explanation of Touji and Souji courtesy of our collaborator Ken Tabise and the  translation below courtesy of: YMJapan 

Sazuka Nakamoto Touji Letter on her Graduation Photobook 

Before the translation:

What is Touji? - Touji 答辞

"From Senpai to Kouhai 

Responding to Souji. Representative of the graduates expresses appreciation and farewell to Kouhai guys who are going to stay at school"

What is Souji?:

"Souji is presented by a representative of Kouhai who send out Senpai, the graduates"

What is Kouhai?: 

"Junior.  The guys who send out the graduates and are going to stay at school in this case"



"My three years in Jr. High have been immersed in Sakura Gakuin. Since I had to come from Hiroshima in the first two years, I did independent trainings at home by myself, and repeated to get on the first one (train or airplane, unclear) and to get on the last airplane to go home. However, since I moved to Tokyo I couldn’t wait to see you after school. Though Sakura Gakuin members come from different schools and vary in grades, I’ve learned a lot from your hard working attitudes to your dreams regardless of age. We have talked a lot, been troubled and supported each other. I’m glad to find the new aspects of each member. In the lessons before recordings, we read lyrics out loud every time and thought about the meanings of lyrics. Some of you researched in difficult words and phrases.

Before lives, we thought what messages we should send to fukei-san and repeated rehearsals checking the song orders and lyrics. As sometimes I failed and got scolded, the teachers have always listened to my opinions carefully and thought about them together. All fukei-san have watched us with kindness and warm hearts every time.

The three graduates have kept an eye on me with smiles on the wallpaper of my cell phone. Thanks to all of them, I was able to take steps forward with confidence at any time, even though I was the lone Jr. High 3rd grader this year. Thank you very much.

As I love singing since I was little, Sakura Gakuin taught me the pleasure of singing much more. Through the Sakura Gakuin club activity, I had a lot of experience and met so many people. I realized that “Music” has a variety of worlds, and learned songs could be a way to communicate with an unspecified large number of people and connect people regardless of distance. That deepened my interest and affection to singing more.

My dream is to be a singer. I’d like to learn lots more and make challenges. My goal is to become a singer who can send the world only Nakamoto Suzuka can describe and the messages only Nakamoto Suzuka can dispatch to all over the world. To achieve that, lots of things would be awaiting which I need to learn and make effort to. I feel that the three years we’ve spent with smiles and the songs of Sakura Gakuin would push me forward whatever happens in the future. I’ll do my best for my dreams."