Natalie's report: Suzuka Nakamoto graduates from Sakura Gakuin

Natalie's report from Sakura Gakuin 2012 Nendo last performance "The Road To Graduation Final" where Sakura Gakuin Students Council President Suzuka Nakamoto along with Mariri Sugimoto graduated from Sakura Gakuin. Read the report translated and a beautiful album of photos below.


Suzuka Nakamoto's Sakura Gakuin 2012 Nendo Graduation Ceremony live report

Sakura Gakuin held "The Road To Graduation Final, Sakura Gakuin 2012 Graduation" at Tokyo International Forum Hall on March 31. With this performance Suzuka Nakamoto and Mariri Sugimoto graduated from the group. 


Nakamoto graduated by completing her whole process in Sakura Gakuin. Sugimoto graduated from the group after graduating from the Elementary School deciding to challenge the model industry. The Graduation Ceremony was held in the second half of the perfomance, along with the graduates also participated who Graduated from Elementary School to Junior High School Rinon Isono and Ooga Saki


In the ceremony, Principal Mitusuru Kuramoto gave the graduation certificate to the graduates. In addition, starting from Marina Horiuchi, student by student were receiving the certificates as well. Horiuchi in Souji Speech (Students to Graduates Appreciation Speech) told to Nakamoto: "Suu-chan is also active as Su-Metal in BABYMETAL and also is the Students Council President of Sakura Gakuin. I admire that your figure jumped over the frame of the extracurricular activities with the goal of conquering everything. In the future will be Sakura Gakuin's graduate and will act as Su-Metal in BABYMETAL, we will be constantly watching you", she said. 


As representative of the graduates Nakamoto's Touji reply. "First of all, I think many people thought that Sakura Gakuin was safe because I became Students Council President but is thanks to Fukei san that encouraged me, and the advices by the three who graduated last year and the eleven students who came with me. Thanks to all of you we come to this far", she said with gratitude to the many people involved. "Also as BABYMETAL activities are decided, often I asked if I will be lonely after the graduation. For me Sakura Gakuin songs are special. Everytime a new song is made I was allowed to sing the most. That's why I have a longing for each song, and I love every song. I would like to sing more Sakura Gakuin songs, but I'm leaving but everyone is in my heart and will go with me in this journey." Not only for BABYMETAL, she also confessed her strong feelings for Sakura Gakuin songs.


In addition to the Fukei: "Thank you for always supporting Sakura Gakuin. We have received the warm message from you. We are going to keep growing everyday. Thank you for your continued support."


At the end Nakamoto said: "I will start to walk towards my dreams after the graduation of Sakura Gakuin. I will work towards the realization of each dream. As Junior High School third grader was alone, but Su was never alone. It was nice meeting you. Thank you very much for many wonderful memories." She finished the ceremony showing her brilliant appearance like the Students Council President until the end. 


At the encore with "Tabidachi No Hini J-Mix 2012" and "My Graduation Toss" she was greeted. After singing a message was given from the students. Moa Kikuchi: "I don't want you to leave me, don't want you to graduate from Sakura Gakuin, but you have to start a new journey in your life. I will always support you. I love you!". In addition Nene Sugisaki, who is good friend of Nakamoto said: "We spent 5 years together, three here and two before Sakura Gakuin, all in all five years. You are Nene's close friend! I'm glad we could run for three years together!", confessed her feelings. 


Sakura Gakuin "The Road To Graduation Final" SETLIST: 

01-Mesaze! Super Lady

02-Planet Episode 008


04-Suiminbusoku (Sleepiece)

05-Miracle, Patyful, Hamburger (Mini Patissier)

06-Science Girl, Silence Boy (Logica?)

07-Yume Wo Hodoku Rinon (Logica?)

08-Head Bangya!! (BABYMETAL)

09-Scoreboard Ni Love Ga Aru (Pastel Wind)

10-Sakurairo No Avenue by Suzuka Nakamoto

11-Wonderful Journey

12-Sleep Wonder

13-School Days


15-Yume Ni Mukatte

-ENCORE- (Graduation Ceremony)

16-Tabidachi No Hini J-Mix 2012

17-My Graduation Toss




Report and photos:

Translation: Maik Gianino


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