2013.02.04 - BABYMETAL diary: Impressions after "Legend Z"

Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal diary on Sakura Gakuin after their solo performance at Zepp Tokyo "Legend Z" with the debut if the Kami Band. The girls shared their impressions about the performance, the first experience with a live band and the future of the group! Diary translated below. 


Su-Metal, Yuimetal & Moametal impressions after "Legend Z" at Zepp Tokyo


Thank you very much for coming to watch IDZ shows. And!! BABYMETAL, as solo artist from now on as well, will continue their activity. It's the first time for Sakura Gakuin, but to the kouhai (junior students), "there is also such a path" I would be happy to teach, I think both BABYMETAL and Sakura Gakuin, more and more I'd like to grow from now on, as well, please watch over us kindly. Su.


At the live show, for getting in an excited mood really, thank you very much (bowing). Before the live shows, always, Yui's heart is beating fast, but today, starting from the rehearsals I was nervous and my heart was beating fast for this important announcement, were you surprised?


Yui, from now on, [with] Sakura Gakuin's Minipati and BABYMETAL, in everything, with full energy I'll do my best.

BABYMETAL's Yuimetal, Sakura Gakuin's Minipati Yui


Moametal Death! 

Thank you very much for the live show. We kept swinging and swinging our necks, right? The-re-fo-re take care of your neck! Also, everyone was surprised for the important announcement?! Right before BebiMeta's continuation we had a consultation with the teachers. Su-chan and Yui said they would do it! But Moa, honestly speaking, was really worried. However, since I have chosen 'I'll do it!' by myself, I will do it no matter what it takes!! Even as Moametal, I'll give my best!! From now on, please support us.




Diary & photo by: BABYMETAL.

Translation by: Gakushabaka


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