BABYMETAL on Tsutaya gives social advices to people, talk Helloween, Extreme & Slayer!

BABYMETAL visited Tsutaya to promote their Major Debut Single "Ijime, Dame, Zettai"! But they also stopped to give some social advices, and talk about Metal bands like Helloween, Extreme and Slayer! Read the article and interview translated below. 


Tsutaya interviews BABYMETAL at the Tsutaya Sangenjaya Store Metal CDs Corner

BABYMETAL surprises everyone with "social reform"! The members appeared in a "temporary jacket". Introduced a CD to "rework Metal" that "if you listen to it, will solve your problems!" 


-Female 26 years old: "I'm worried about work for living or getting married. What would BABYMETAL do if the three would have to choose between working or living?"


Moa: "Hmm, if you are lost... please at that time, listen "Ijime, Dame, Zettai". You will get a lot of power when you are a bit lost."


-Male 18 years old: "I would like to buy pets, what should I get?"


Yui: "Get a dog. Yui likes Toy Poodle in particular. Please get it by al means." 


-48 Years Old Male: "I can't communicate with my daughter she is a Junior High School student. What is popular among Junior High School students now?"


Suzuka: "Dad will be always loved but sometimes you want to avoid it for a while. Actually maybe the daughter wants some relax. Instead of forcing a talk about this, please give a warm watch over your daughter." 


BABYMETAL's Debut Single "Ijime, Dame, Zettai" will be finally released, did everyone listen? TSUTAYA will receive the "social reform jacket" in all three types as a limited edition purchase privilege! What about looking back to our own lives, rethink about ourselves with this social reform? It was reported that the three BABYMETAL members came to TSUTAYA Sangenjaya Store to support the corner. This time is a report on BABYMETAL appearance in the CD Metal corner at TSUTAYA Sangenjaya Store! 


When I came to the Metal Corner, I picked up CDs from other artists I wanted to scoop BABYMETAL. Ozzy Osbourne, Arch Enemy, Children Of Bodom, DragonForce. The three are excited while they are watching the unique artwork of the CD cover as: "This is so cool!", "What kind of people are them? What kind of band is this?" Although they have not listened the sound yet, the three talked about band's images from the CD covers, "Well, everyone let's introduce Metal CDs that everyone liked by watching the cover!" 


Moametal: "Metal Jukebox" by Helloween

"I make a fancy costume for every Halloween, I so remember it. I also went to a BBQ in the summer and at the end everyone tried a watermelon seed competition. I want to use this as BGM (Background Music) for it. I recommend it for those who love summer DEATH!!" 


Yuimetal: "Porno Graffitti" by Extreme

"Does this band have kids dancing with members? If you listen to it you may want to dance all together. I recommend this to when you feel happy DEATH!!" 


Su-Metal: "Devil's Resurrection" by Slayer 

"I really like the black and white jacket. It seems that they are groaning all the way to the end, but I think that the intense sound is the real feature. Please give a listen if you want to have scary dreams. I think the high tension is nice DEATH!!" 


BABYMETAL is finally getting closer to the release of its Debut Single "Ijime, Dame, Zettai". The hard guitars burst, a wonderful piece of music where the three show cool vocals. If you are Metaller this is impossible to not check, if you are not, all music fans should listen!




Article, interview & photos: Tsutaya. 

Translation: Maik Gianino


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