Sumire Uesaka blog about BABYMETAL's visit to Kawa-radi Radio Show

Voice actress and singer Sumire Uesaka wrote a blog dedicated to BABYMETAL's visit to her Radio Show "Kawaii Radio" also known as "Kawa-radi". She says she would like to be part of BABYMETAL! Read the blog translated and check the photos below. 

BABYMETAL visits "Kawaii Radio" of Sumire Uesaka!

Kawa-radi! BABYMETAL-san!

Здравствуйте! (Hello! In Russian)


Tokyo No.1 Kawaii Radio a/k/a Kawa-Radi!

This week's guests were 3 girls from BABYMETAL!

Girls × metal!

Adorable combination.

I was so impressed by their kawaiiness and how level-headed the way they talked were!

I want to join BABYMETAL!!! Though I'm older!!



Photo 1: BABYMETAL-san, thank you very much!



Photo 2: With Maimi Yajima-san and Mai Hagiwara-san from ℃-ute who are Moametal-san's idols!

Thank you very much!


Tokyo No.1 Kawaii Radio official website.


До встречи!! (See you! In Russian)

СУМИРЭ (Sumire in Russian)




Blog & Photos: Sumire Uesaka

Translation by: Kenji Sekino

Translator note: She is a popular anime voice actress/singer. She loves metal and some of her songs has elements of metal. Her 2014 single "Paralax View" was composed by Narasaki who wrote "Headbangeeeeerrrr!!!!!" and "Catch Me If You Can".


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