2012.06.13 - Moa's diary: Flower Girl MoaMoa about Hydrangea

Moa Kikuchi new diary on Sakura Gakuin about flowers, her role "Flower Girl MoaMoa" talks about Hydrangea a flower which begins to bloom in June. Read her beautiful and also ver interesting diary translated including a new photo of Moa below. 


Moa Kikuchi diary as "Flower Girl MoaMoa" talking about Hydrangea

It's Moa!!! It's rainy season. Do you like rain???

Moa don't like humid and muggy day.

But, I love to jump over a puddle, or even to stomp on a puddle. When I was a kid, I so often tried it on a rainy day. ...Actually, I still do it wearing my favorite red rubber boots even now. (Laughs)

When the rainy season ends, it's the beginning of my favorite summer! I just can't wait.

Today, I want to introduce the flower of the rainy season, Hydrangea.




-Hydrangea.....Hydrangeaceae family (Asterids clade)

-Language of flowers.....Capriciousness, Arrogance, Frigidity, Heartlessness, Generous and undivided affection.

-Birth flower on June 1st, June 3rd, June 29th and July 1st. (It seems there are other dates, but Moa found these dates)


Unlike other flowers I've introduced, its flower language are mostly negative ones. But I think the flower is very beautiful. 


The hydrangea flowers begin to bloom one week before the beginning of the rainy season. Did you know it??? What a smart flower that it foretells the rainy season,

At the beginning, it has white flowers. And as it gets more rains, the flowers change their color into red, pink, blue or purple!! It's just amazing.



Moa wish I can change myself into more and more wonderful girl like hydrangea.




Translation by: Onji Kobe. 

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