2012.04.08 - Suzuka's diary about meeting Dempagumi at Idol Yokocho Matsuri

Suzuka Nakamoto diary as Su-Metal after perfoming with BABYMETAL at the 2nd Idol Yokocho Matsuri (Show report - Show Photos). She talks about being surrounded by a lot of people she admire specially Sayaka Nishiwaki of Dempagumi! Read her diary translated below. 


Su-Metal diary about meeting Sayaka Nishiwaki of Dempagumi


I had the opportunity to participate to the second Idol Yokocho Matsuri.

Surrounded by a lot of people I admire like ℃-ute, SUPER☆GIRLS, Dorothy Little Happy, and so on... at first I felt almost as if my chest was getting crushed with emotions and nervousness, but in the dressing room Dempagumi.inc (who are from the same record company), kindly spent some time with us.


My senpai from ASH, Sayaka Nishiwaki, greeted us with a kind voice, and while she was talking to us I felt my heart became a bit lighter.


Also, and this surprised me, Chaapon [* nickname of Sayaka Nishiwaki], who had met me only once at school, remembered about Su. That made me really happy! 


To everyone who kindly came to the show, and also all those who watched it live on Niconico.

Recently, all your power reached God and descended back to us? There's moments when I can feel that way.

This time as well, thanks to everybody, the lovely Kitsune Goddess descended into us, and together with the babybones we could enjoy ourselves on stage.. 


Thank you very much!

From now on, please send us a lot of power so that the Kitsune Goddess can descend on us.

I'm looking forward to the next stage DEATH!





Translation by: Gakushabaka

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    Farren (Thursday, 15 September 2016 00:17)

    1st commentary - YAY!

    Much respect to you Su, and all of the hard work everyone has done to give us SG and BM. Thank you!

    Vancouver, BC, Canada