Hot Express live report: Sakura Gakuin "Vocal Open Class" at Tokyo Yoyogi Libro Hall

Hot Express released a live report from the Sakura Gakuin 2012 Nendo "Vocal Open Class" in Tokyo. In this special event Sakura Gakuin received 25 Elementary and Junir High School guest students! Read the report translated plus a set of beautiful photos! 


Hot Express: Sakura Gakuin Vocal Open Class and Album release decision

Sakura Gakuin who just released "Tabidachi No Hini" on February 11, prior this release held an Open Class event at Tokyo Yoyogi Libro Hall. 


This day was a different open class from the usual class than fans can see, Elementary and Junior High School students gathered. Twenty Five girls of the same age of Sakura Gakuin members from 5th Grade Elementary to 3rd Grade of Junior High School participated. 


In this "Vocal Open Class", Salyu of T.M Revolution and trustworthy voice trainer Masumi Ande server as lecturers. They appeared in front of the girls to correct their physical posture, and teaching easier ways to make the voice come out.  Next, in a lesson of about an hour they were taught how to sing the classic departure song for Graduation Ceremonies "Tabidachi No Hini". 


In addition, Sakura Gakuin will release a new Album "Sakura Gakuin 2011, Friends" on March 21 and now three of the Junior High School students Ayami Muto, Ayaka Miyoshi and Airi Matsui will graduate from the unit this spring. 




Live report & photos by: Hot Express


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