Beast69 live report from BABYMETAL at Women's Power 20th Anniversary 2012

Beast69 reviews BABYMETAL's performance at Women's Power 20 Anniversary 2012 at Shibuya O-West where BABYMETAL performed 20 minutes, 3 songs Set. Read the review translated and check the Album of photos!


BABYMETAL at Shibuya O-West, Women's Power 20th Anniversary, Beast69 review

The top of the stage has been swept all the way while there are works in the arrangements, a cute voice slowly appears. It's the appearance of BABYMETAL, a group of Elementary and Junior High School students Metal Unit. 


In addition, with less exposure to media, in this lineup they are the different color and it seems that caught up a lot the attention from Metal fans. The rough distortion of guitars and the drums over the Pop melodies and harmonies flowing strongly appealed Metal fans evoking a big reaction in the floor. 


The three BABYMETAL members appeared quietly from the SE (Speaker Entertainment) music of an opera song. The members are Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal. Fans on the floor imitated the poses and pulled out the Kitsune sign (Fox sign) in place of the Maloik sign (Metal sign). An exquisite balance between deep bass and Pop vocals. There is an exquisite mismatch of sweetness and spicy Metal and Dance with the usual "screamo" lyrics expressed by Metal. 


Althought they are different, they earned it in the first place. It was a stage of 3 songs during 20 minutes today, but there is no doubt they also got a new fanbase. It's very clear how they found the way to break the established concepts and advocated the way to enjoy the Heavy Metal. 



01-Doki Doki Morning


03-Ijime Dame Zettai



Live report & photos by: Beast69

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka

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Note: When the review says: "a cute voice slowly appears" during the arrangements works is a reference to "Akatsuki". Since during the SE Music "Akatsuki" was played for very first time aside the song didn't make the debut live in this show, was the first time the song was played for the audience. 


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