2011.12.06 - Moa diary, "Flower Girl MoaMoa, Chrysanthemum"

Moa Kikuchi diary with a new episode of "Flower Girl Moamoa", a very special one about the Chrysanthemum because includes a Kanji which is also in her surname! Read the diary translated and picture from diary fixed in the following post. 


Moa Kikuchi diary with new episode of "Flower Girl MoaMoa" !!

It's Moa. Aah~ it's cold, isn't it?

It's cold but you didn't get a cold, right? Are you ok?

When it's a hard time for your body, please keep your body warm, relax by listening to Sakura Gakuin songs and go to bed earlier, ok?


In this episode of "Flower Girl MoaMoa" I will present the chrysanthemum [* 菊 kiku] , that's also in Moa's surname [* 菊地 Kikuchi].


-Chrysanthemum... Asteraceae ← (Kikuchi's 'Kiku' (Laughs))

Flower symbolism... 'please trust me', 'true love', noble, elevated, pure

Its birthflower is in October! (there's also theories about dates like 9/30, 12/3 or 12/9).


Please believe in Moa KIKUchi, whose surname has a chrysanthemum in it and from now on keep following her (Laughs)




Diary by: Moa Kikuchi

Translation by: Gakushabaka


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