2011.10.02 - Suzuka's diary about a "Doki Doki Morning" MV Story!

Suzuka Nakamoto diary on Sakura Gakuin about the making of "Doki Doki Morning" the first Music Video of the Heavy Metal Club in Sakura Gakuin. Suzuka shares the experience of recording and a special story about Skeleton-san! Read the diary below! 


Suzuka Nakamoto diary on Sakura Gakuin, "Report about Doki Doki"

Recently, we filmed a PV for the Heavy Music Club. Talking about the activities of the Heavy Music Club, the supervising teacheris really passionate about it! Every time he is extremely perfectionist, and obsesses with details. I'm surprised practically the whole time (Laughs). By doing things like acting together with Skeleton-san and being able to see Moa chan and Yui chan hengao (funny faces) the filming was really enjoyable. 


Here I will share a story about something that happened during the filming! 


Make up artist: "The Heavy Music Club uses a heavy make-up, so I enjoy the fact that I can do it!" 


Director: "I would like to play as skeleton!"


Since he wanted to join the Heavy Music Club, he took a lesson from Mikiko Sensei but, he said with disappointment, "well, after all it's too hard for an old guy."


The face of the Skeleton came off, and we all fixed it with repair tape in the end, we did it with a stapler. The three sizes (bust, waist, hip) for the skeleton suit were really tight, so it tore at the bottom!! 



I used a special mic made for the Heavy Music Club, and while I was dancing, because of the sweat from Su's hands, the lace went limp all the adults were smiling, they were more energetic than the kids (the kids were also squealing quite a bit though), it was such an incredible filming location. For sure, it will be an interesting PV worthy of the Heavy Music Club, right??


Please look forward to it! 







Diary by: Suzuka Nakamoto

Translation by: Gakushabaka

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