2011.07.29 - Yui's diary about her friendship with Moa, Sakura Gakuin & Heavy Metal Club new songs

Yui Mizuno diary on Sakura Gakuin to talk about the new songs from Sakura Gakuin "Friends" and Heavy Metal Club new song "Ijime, Dame, Zettai". She relates the lyrics with her friendship with Moa Kikuchi. She also speaks about joining Minipati! Diary translated below. 


Yui Mizuno diary about "Friends", "Ijime, Dame, Zettai" & joining Minipati!

A song about close friends.

I'm grateful for the really really enjoyable time during these two days of Sakura Gakuin 2011 Nendo 'NEW Departure'! I could clearly hear the cheering of the ones who - unfortunately - couldn't take part, too. Thank you.


How were the new songs of Sakura Gakuin and the Heavy Music Club? The new song of Sakura is a song about good friends. 'The stars glitter on our piled hands'. I really love these lyrics. About the reason why I love them. It's because the moments when I think "Yui can do her best thanks to Moa" are really a lot. To think that with the same Moa. In the new song for the Heavy Music Club we have to fight (Laughs). And then, Hana chan and Rinon chan joined the group, joining forces with the 4 elementary school members, I would like to keep doing my best.


Also last thing, I've become a new member of Minipati, I'll give my best so that it will become a kawaii Minipati [as it was with] Rau-chan, MariMari and Nene-don. Still, Sakura Gakuin's summer has just started, so I want to enjoy really a lot.






Diary by: Yui Mizuno.

Translation by: Gakushabaka


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