2011.07.22 - Suzuka Nakamoto diary about the debut of a new song!

Suzuka Nakamoto diary about Heavy Music Club activities, she talks about the release of a new song! The second song of BABYMETAL to debut at Sakura Gakuin NEW Departure 2011 event. Su describes the song. Read her diary translated below. 


Suzuka Nakamoto diary on Sakura Gakuin, "Important announcement!!"

At this live show, there will be the first performance of the new song for the Heavy Music club. It has a completely different feeling compared to Doki Doki Morning, and it's a song with a strong message.


Su will do the singing and MoaYui-chan a super-cute dance and interjections, once again it's a MoaYui world explosion :)


Hmm, it's hard to explain, but maybe I could say it's a song that slowly gets you hooked?? Please look forward to this new song, it's packed with the charm of the new Heavy Music Club. Right now, we are in the middle of strenuous lessons for the incoming Sakura Gakuin event. We are psyched up with all the members together after a long time, our muscles are aching and it's tough in several aspects, but we are giving our best in order to make a good live show!!

Please look forward to our performance. 






Diary by: Suzuka Nakamoto. 

Translation by: Gakushabaka

Note: The song performed was "Ijime, Dame, Zettai", Sakura Gakuin NEW Departure show report.

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