Blog on Suzuka Nakamoto at Actors School Hiroshima "I met a miracle"

Suzuka Nakamoto was featured in a Blog dedicated to Riho-chan, one of the students of Actors School Hiroshima. Suzuka Nakamoto and Riho-chan sang together along with Yuka Doiyama, Sakura Nakamoto and Shintomo Okumura. Read below a review and see photos of their performance. 


Blog & Photos: Suzuka Nakamoto performance at Actors School Hiroshima

I met a miracle!

The karaoke was "Shanana Angel Wings". 

I'm going to introduce them. 


Suzuka Nakamoto (paint on the shoulder with white costume), Yuka Doiyama (in red), Sakura Nakamoto (in yellow), Shintomo Okumura (light blue costume with brown hair), the special 5 people unit of Riho-chan (in light blue). 


Anyway, was lovely lovely. 

It's overwhelming the singing ability of Suzuka Nakamoto-san! Yuka Doiyama and her (Riho) are in charge of the lead vocals, but pulled out the song along with Nakamoto-san


Althought Shanana is singing MINMI Japanese version, the more I think about it Suzuka Nakamoto san is amazing. And you can enjoy of this masterpiece on stunning agressive vocals and dancing. 


Teaming up Riho-chan and Suzuka Nakamoto-san was a legendary unit. 





Translator notes: "Riho-chan" is actually today the famous member of Morning Musume Riho Sayashi. Riho is former of the nineth generation members of the Idol Group Morning Musume and former member of the duo Peaberry. Started with "Only You" as part of Morning Musume member, and then was pushed in front of the group as one of the main vocalists. 


Date of the performance is August 21 of 2008. 


Actors School Hiroshima is a factory of great talents who are shining today in Japan along with Suzuka Nakamot, Perfume, Morning Musume and many others. 


Article and photos by: Riho-lab Flagship

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka

Style editor: Maik Gianino



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