2011.04.01 - Suzuka's diary about the earthquake in Japan on March 11 of 2011

Archive diary by Suzuka Nakamoto on Abril 1 of 2011, a few days after the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. An increible diary by Suzuka about her story during the earthquake, after the earthquake and her immense heart really open to help the Japanese community not only singing with Sakura Gakuin. One of the best diarys to date, worth reading and worth sharing. Diary translated by our collaborator Hitoshi Sugioka


Suzuka Nakamoto shares her thoughts about the earthquake in Japan in 2011

On March 11th we had an earthquake of unbelieveble poroportions. People all over Japan and all over the world are feeling the pain and suffering of countless Japanese in the East Side of Japan who are now living under this terrible disaster in afflicted conditions. 

I was in Tokyo when the earthquake happened. The trains stopped, it was impossible to make use of our cellphones and we were in a general feeling of uneasiness. 

However, i was alright thanks to the kindness and the protection of those around me. 

During the time i have been in Tokyo, there have been numerous occurrences of aftershocks as well as power outages. But i have got through these experiences due to the mail exchanges with the members of Sakura Gakuin and because of the calm and rational character of Airi-Chan who was with me during this time. 

When i was finally able to make contact with my family i felt really relieved and i remember looking Airi-Chan and realizing just how strong and amazing she was in her hability to conceal her feelings of uneasiness from me. 

Four days later i returned home in Hiroshima without knowing just how bad things were and it wasn't until i watched the coverage on TV that i first realized the scale of the devastation. Everything was just so unbelievable and hard to comprehend that i felt scared almost like Japan wasn't Japan anymore. I felt ashamed of myself for not doing anything and not being able to do anything to help at that point. 

All throughout Japan, everyone is doing what they can at the moment to help out and i found myself pondering to the extend of my abilities about that i can do here in Hiroshima to be of assistance? I don't have much money but i have decided to donate the piggy bank of 1 Yen coins that i have been saving during the last 4 years. I understand that it will take well over a decade to restore things to how they were. This may be all i am able to do at the present time, but from here on out whenever i find something that i can do,, i will do it then and there. 

I believe that persistently doing little things bit by bit as they come up will grow into a great power someday. The city i live in Hiroshima has itself been totally destroyed and then restored. This happened long before i was born but i have seen through pictures that Hiroshima went from a place with someday we will be able to look back and be almost unable to believe the destructive scene that we see now. 

I pray that we never see a tragedy of a scale like this happens again. 

I know that there are friends, members of Sakura Gakuin as weel fans who are always supporting me who are still being affected by this disaster and i just hope that as as soon as possible i will be able to sing with a smiling face with the members of Sakura Gakuin

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