2011.01.18 - Suzuka's diary: "My Reflections on “M5”: the New Song Recorded in December" 

Suzuka Nakamoto diary on Sakura Gakuin wrote on January 18 of 2011 about "M5" the new Sakura Gakuin song for the new album to be released in March (the album was finally released in April because of the Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11).  She talks about the new song and the making process. Read the diary translated below. 


Suzuka's diary about a new Sakura Gakuin song! 

We recorded a new song… but I still don’t know the title! We temporarily call it “M5” :)


M5 sounds a little different from the other Sakura Gakuin songs we had so far. It’s got a bit difficult rhythm. I was like, “We can also have such a song with Sakura Gakuin!?”


What I like most about this song is the lyrics. As we did for the song “Yume Ni Mukatte,”, we together wrote pieces that reflect our thoughts on Sakura Gakuin. The songwriter took note of them when making this song. That’s why we can so relate! And I hope you can relate to the song too. 

As for me, I wrote something for the song thinking about you, our fans, when I was on my way home to Hiroshima on a train, the next day after the Sakura Gakuin Festival. I find many phrases in the song that I think only I in this moment of my life can write. (^x^) Whenever I sing this song in the future, it will remind me of the days at Sakura Gakuin.


Each song for Sakura Gakuin is thoughtful and wonderful to me. Don’t you think so too? I look forward to new songs.


A translator’s note - 1: it takes about four hours from Tokyo to Hiroshima by bullet train.


A translator’s note - 2: the song “M5Suzuka refers to in the diary is most likely the 5th song recorded by the entire members of Sakura Gakuin that appears in their April 2011 studio album. The song is called “Message.” Below is a rough translation of the lyrics of the song.


Song: Message

Songwriters: Toshio-Chan, Tsuyoshi Sakabe


Where does this road take us?

Our swaying hearts.

We are still young and feel uncertain about many things.


“I am sorry” when I am wrong.

“Thank you” when someone tells me what is right.

Those words… Is honesty what we need?


Rivers flow into the ocean and clouds merge in the sky.

The sun warms our hearts. So, let’s get rid of the walls in our hearts.

For those are the walls you have built by yourselves.

Then, let’s move forward.


It’s the season to see cherry blossoms again.

The flowers of happiness. So many of them.

The flowers of smiles. Let’s make them blossom!


Wonderful smiles. Tender smiles. They make you happy.

Translation by: bebii-metaru-desu