2010.12.19 - Suzuka's diary: "On the Eve of My Birthday, in the Middle of Recording"

Suzuka Nakamoto diary published on her Sakura Gakuin's diary on December 19 of 2010 about her 13th Birthday. She talks about her physical growth and mental development. Short but really interesting diary including a nice photo with Marina Horiuchi. Read the translation below. 

Suzuka talks about her physical growth and metal development 

I’m about to turn 13 years old. Well, now seems the right time to reflect on my 12th year.


My physical growth:

Height – up from 150cm to 156cm (‘-‘) feeling relief.

Weight – up by 5kg (‘o ‘;) oh no.


My mental development:

A musical, a live concert, the Ciao Summer Festival, the recording of a debut CD…this year, there were many jobs I did for a second time. And what I learned was the difficulty of doing things for the second time. “I can easily do things I have done once.” So I thought. In fact, you feel under pressure to do better for the second time.


The theme of Sakura Gakuin is “growth.” When I am given certain jobs for a third time or a fourth time, I still want to remember the feelings of curiosity and freshness I had when I did them the first time. And I hope you can see growth in me, the 13-year-old, this year.


A translator’s note - 1: The musical she refers to in the diary is “The Adventurers – Gamba and His Fifteen Other Friends,” which is based on the children’s novel by Atsuo Saito and was adapted for musicals, first by the pupular musical theater company Shiki in 1976 and later by a few others. A few minute footage of her performances in 2009 can be watched here. A few minute footage of her performances in 2010 can be watched here. The sponsor’s site still has the announcement of their 2010 performances and we can see a photo of the 12-year-old Suzuka here.


A translator’s note - 2: A few minute footage of her performance at the Ciao Summer Festival 2010 can be watched here

Translation by: bebii-metaru-desu