2010.12.15 - Suzuka's diary: "What do you think about Juuonbu?"

Suzuka wrote a diary about ther first thoughts about heavy metal music after the Sakura Gakuin Festival 2010 on November 28 of the same year (Details here). She was confused at first but then started to feel the music. Diary translated by our collaborator Hitoshi Sugioka


Suzuka Nakamoto about the heavy metal club "BABYMETAL" 

What do you think about "Juuonbu" (The heavy metal music club) at Sakura Gakuin Festival? Will do again an introduction of the members: Moa, Yui and Su, the trio. 

So, have you heard about "Juuon" (heavy metal) before? 

I heard "Keion" (light music than heavy metal) but "Juuon" never before, and first of all i asked about it's meaning. 

Something about metal... metal? I even had no idea about it. For me it's a brand new type of music genre that i have never heard before, "Juuonbu" took my first step with confusion and anxiety, but when i saw Moa-Chan smile saying "This is fun!" in a middle of a dance practice i felt "It's not bad at all, isn't it?  Then some fun came in me. 

Both Moa-Chan and Yui-Chan are very mature for the same age as me Karen Girl's, they are so reliable.

From now is "Juuonbu", keep your attention. Suzuka