Moa Kikuchi diary about her cherry blossoms cosplay for Halloween

Moa Kikuchi diary on Sakura Gakuin about her new cosplay for Halloween 2010. She decided to wear a cherry blossoms to show support to Sakura Gakuin. Check the diary translated below! 


Moa Kikuchi's diary: "This year, it's a matter of course to wear the costume of..."

October 31 is Halloween!

Every year, Moa has a Halloween Party with my friends and their family on October 31.

We do cosplay and trick-or-treating. It's really fun


I had worn the cosplay of an angel, a skeleton (See the photo) or a witch!!

This year, I would like to become a cherry blossom so as to liven up Sakura Gakuin, to encourage myself and to show my gratitude to those people who kindly support Sakura Gakuin. (Laughs) 


Let me transform into the Cherry blossom!!




Diary by: Moa Kikuchi

Translation by: Onji Kobe. 


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