Yui Mizuno diary about her grandma and sixteen years old dog "Mickey" !!

Yui Mizuno diary on Sakura Gakuin about her visiting her grandmother's house and a sixeen years old dog called "Mickey". Read her diary translated below! 


Yui Mizuno diary about visiting her grandmother and sixeen years old dog "Mickey"

Hello. It's Yui!

The other day, I went to see my grandmother.

In the granny's house, there lives a super cute dog!

His name is Mickey. He is a toy poodle.


He is sixteen years old dog. But he is still full of energy.

He eats a lot of food and wave his tail. I love him so much.


Whenever I visit my granny, I take a walk to a park with Mickey and enjoy ourselves.

The granny's house is near to mine and Yui often visit her.

The picture is the image of "Yui takes Mickey for a walk".


That's it!!

It was Yui.



Mizuno Yui.




Diary by: Yui Mizuno.

Translation by: Onji Kobe.