Suzuka's diary about ASH performance & spending time between Tokyo and Hiroshima

Suzuka Nakamoto diary on Sakura Gakuin. Su speaks about her performance at Actors School Hiroshima and the help from her classmates, teachers but also support from her fans! She also talks about spending time in Tokyo and Hiroshima. Read her diary translated below!


Suzuka about ASH performance, support from fans and visiting Hiroshima

There was a recital at the ASH (Actors School Hiroshima) where I'm studying.

I performed one solo song and two class songs.

It felt really great to sing and dance at a big venue, in front of a lot of audience. (Laughs)

Thank you teachers for giving me lessons out of your busy schedule. Thank you friends for giving me the choreography which was taught when I was absent from school. And thank you for helping my quick change of clothes at the backstage. Thanks to the help of a lot of people, I could safely appear on the stage.


There were a lot of fans who kindly came the long way from Tokyo to Hiroshima. Thank you very much for your cheering me up.  *I'm a happy girl*


Lately, I often get asked "Is Tokyo better than Hiroshima?"

The time I spend in Tokyo as a member of Sakura Gakuin is really important for me.

But, I can try my best in Tokyo just because I can have a time in Hiroshima. (Laughs)

You might think frequent going back and forth from Hiroshima to Tokyo is too tough...

But I think I'm very fortunate for being able to spend times in both cities.






Diary by: Suzuka Nakamoto.


Translation by: Onji Kobe.