Yui Mizuno diary about her Nature School 3 days trip!

Yui Mizuno diary on Sakura Gakuin about the Nature School in Yatsugadake mountain where she spent 3 days with her friends! She talks about Candle Fire and Barbecue! Read her diary translated below! 


Yui Mizuno diary about 3 days Nature School in Yatsugadake mountain!

Hello It's Yui.

The other day, I had a Nature school in Yatsugadake-mountain.

It was my first experience to have a trip for 3 days with my friends. I was so excited that I couldn't sleep the night before. Especially two of the features were too fun!!


The first was the "Candle Fire".

In the nature school in Yui's school, we play a candle-fire instead of the campfire. Everyone holds a small candle and Mr."Fire God" lit it one by one.


And the second was the "Barbecue".

Yui was a member of the food-preparing-team and sliced a lot of vegetables. Cutting onions made my eyes burn and teary! *oh no!*


But I tried my best!! We cooked all by ourselves and the barbecue was really delicious.

It was very happy three days school filled with a lot of nature.


Mizuno Yui




Diary by: Yui Mizuno.

Translation by: Onji Kobe.

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