Moa Kikuchi diary about Sports Day in School!

Moa Kikuchi diary on Sakura Gakuin about the Sports Day in her real life school! She also shared a couple of photos from her activities featuring one photo with Moa at the top of a human pyramid! Read her diary translated below with photos from diary fixed! 


Moa Kikuchi diary on Sports Day, Human Pyramid with her Group Gymnastics!

The other day, we had a Sports Day in my school.

I hear the most of the school has its Sports Day in spring lately, but our school has it in autumn.

Well, please guess who is on the top of the "Human Pyramid" in the photo?!

Actually, Moa is the person!!


Was it too easy to guess?! (Laughs) We 5th graders played Group Gymnastics and Moa held the pose with my arms wide spread on the top of the Human Pyramid!!


Our team made the highest 4-tiers pyramid. The top tier is pretty high and it's scary to stand straight.

But it feels great when we play it well. 


It was a bummer that only Moa had to put on sunscreen and to wear a long-sleeved Tee and long pants, because I couldn't get a suntan. But still, it was a wonderful Sports Day.


Please tell me your memories on your Sports Day.




Diary by: Moa Kikuchi.

Translation by: Onji Kobe


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