Suzuka Nakamoto diary about the upcoming first Sakura Gakuin concert!

Suzuka Nakamoto diary to promote the first Sakura Gakuin concert to be held on November 28! She also talks about their second song called "Yume Ni Mukatte". Read the diary translated and photo from diary fixed below! 


Suzuka diary about Sakura Gakuin's first concert and "Yume Ni Mukatte"

★NEWS★ The day of Sakura Gakuin's first concert is confirmed!!!


I've been looking forward to this day since TIF, when we announced that we'd have our concert *I'm super happy!*

Now, we're trying our hardest in lessons so that we can show our improvement since the last performance in summer, so that we can show our very best, although there are times we fumble, times we hesitate.


The recording of our second song completed and you will see another color of Sakura Gakuin from "Yume ni Mukatte"!!


Please look forward to the day.

-November 28th (Sunday)


The day will be the first step of Sakura Gakuin toward our dream.

I can't wait to see you!!

Let's make the day memorable together!!!






Diary by: Suzuka Nakamoto. 

Translation by: Onji Kobe


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