Moa Kikuchi diary about Ayami Muto: "We are alike"

Moa Kikuchi diary on Sakura Gakuin about her things in common with Ayami Muto her "elder-sister" in Sakura Gakuin. Moa talk tooth-brushing, towels, height and more! Check the diary translated and photo from diary fixed below.


Moa Kikuchi diary about things in common with Ayami Muto

Actually, we're very much alike!! Who comes to your mind?!

Ta-dah! Moa and my elder-sister-ish one, Ayami-chan.

Oh, fans of Ayami-chan, please don't get angry. (Laughs)


We have a lot in common. Ayami-chan and I so often talk about it. Something like...


(1) We love tooth-brushing.

At a break time, two of us always brush our teeth.

Both of us love well-bubbling, cooling toothpaste.


(2) We use matching towels!!

We use towels with the same design, different color.


(3) We love pickled plum

We have a lot of favorite food in common.

Especially, we're really into very sour pickled plum!!


(4) We have a bit deep voice

Both of us loves talking . And the voice of us are a little low pitched!!


(5) We are short tears

I asked Ayami-chan about her height when she was the 5th grader. She said "5th grader Ayami was taller than Moa-chan (Laughs)" She was 135cm tall at that time! Can I be as tall as Ayami-chan...?


BUT, there is one thing about which we're very different. We support different soccer teams. Moa is rooted for Nagoya Grampus.


It was Moa




Diary by: Moa Kikuchi

Translation by: Onji Kobe. 



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