Yui Mizuno diary about taking Piano & Violin lessons!

Yui Mizuno diary on Sakura Gakuin about her excitment about taking Piano lessons but mostly about her Violin lessons! She mentioned also her role playing Violin on "Okuribito" in the past. Read the diary translated below.


Yui Mizuno diary about her excitement on taking Violin lessons!

Hello. It's Yui.


Today, I went to a dance lesson after a while.

In these days, I've been quite busy and I couldn't take the lesson for more than one month. So, the lesson was moving on with new choreography...it was tough to keep up with other students. I must practice by myself with the precise movement till the next lesson!


Yui is taking dance lesson only for now. In those days, I had lessons of piano, swimming, painting and Kumon.

Among them...I'd like to have piano lesson again. Or, I dream of having a violin lesson.

Yui played the role of a girl who had a violin lesson in the theater play "Okuribito". Through the theater play, Yui learned to play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on violin. I want to play other songs on violin!


Also, I'd like to learn the calligraphy. And more! Yui want to try a lot of things.

What kind of lessons do you have? did you have? want to have?

Well, it's time to have a dance lesson by myself.

I'll give it my all!!


Mizuno Yui




Diary by: Yui Mizuno

Translation by: Onji Kobe.


Note: Kumon is very popular private tutoring school with the worksheet based lessons of Math and Japanese (usually. Additionally English lessons). en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kumon


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