Yui Mizuno diary: "Sakura Girls, as Yui sees them"

Yui Mizuno diary on Sakura Gakuin about the Sakura Girls. She talk about Sakura Gakuin students including impressions about Suzuka Nakamoto and Moa Kikuchi. Read her diary translated below! 


Yui Mizuno diary about Sakura Gakuin members as she sees them

Hello. It's Mizuno Yui.

Today, Yui would like to introduce Sakura Gakuin members as I see them.



Ayami-chan and I had been good friends since before we joined Sakura Gakuin. We sometimes go out together to a soccer game or a volleyball game. We sometimes wear matching outfits and just hang around. We're just like real sisters.



Ayaka-chan is just cool. She can act, she can sing and she can dance. She teach me several things.



Airi-chan is so tall and has such a great figure. I'm jealous. Yui want to be as tall as Airi-chan. Impossible dream? (Laughs)



When I saw Suu-chan singing and dancing live at the Karen's concert, I was so surprised at her magic touch! Yui loves every Karen songs, but especially "Pikatto Kiratto" and "Over The Future" are great, oh! and "Bye×3" also! (Laughs)



Rau-chan is the leader of elementary schoolers. When Moa and Yui are frolicking, just one word of her get us into work mode.



Marina-chan is always full of smile and so cute! And she is a bit goofy???(←maybe). The goofy Marina-chan is also cute.



Nene-chan is always full of energy, and lifts our spirits.



Hii-chan is very stylish. She dresses well with both cool style and cute style.



Moa is the same age with me and we are very good friends. We exchange emails everyday. We are the best friends & are like twin sisters!


**The photo was taken when Ayami-chan and Yui went to a soccer game. Both of us were watching the game very earnestly. (Laugs)


Mizuno ♡ ♡ Yui




Diary by: Yui Mizuno.

Translation by: Onji Kobe.

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