Yui Mizuno diary about holidays, Sakura Gakuin, Ciao Fes, Amuse Kids

Yui Muzuno's diary on Sakura Gakuin after her holidays. She talks about lessons learned, activities with Sakura Gakuin performing at Tokyo Idol Festival and also about Ciao Fes and Amuse Kids contest! Read the diary translated and photo fixed below!


Yui Mizuno diary: "Summer holidays...I really enjoyed it!"

It's Yui. Finally, the summer holidays came to an end.

This year, I had one lesson after another during summer holidays, and I felt it's over all too soon. However, I can say I had my best summer holidays ever.


In this summer holidays, I transferred in to Sakura Gakuin, had the first stage on TIF, and Ciao Fes. There was also the recital of Amuse Kids. At the recital, each group of us performed a play titled "Let's have a dance contest!". We performed acting and dancing in the play. What a surprise! The elementary school kids group won the first prize. That was too good to be true! We had practiced very hard and I was so happy.


The acting and dancing of other groups -- Osaka kids, Kyushuu kids, Middle school kids -- was also good and I could learn a lot of things. I must try harder and harder.




In the photo, I wear the costume for the recital! The elementary school kids group performed wearing this glittering-and-flashy costume.




Diary by: Yui Mizuno.

Translation by: Onji Kobe.


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