Suzuka Nakamoto diary "I learned a lot" on JAM Project & Rihwa performances

Suzuka Nakamoto diary about attending to 2 different events. She attended to see JAM Project and Rihwa. She talks about her impression of Rock Music and Rihwa performing her own music. Read her diary translated below!


Suzuka Nakamoto diary: "I learned a lot" about JAM Project & Rihwa performances

Recently, I went to two concerts!


One was the concert of JAM Project. It was my very first experience of Rock concert.

The performance was so powerful and the sound penetrated deep into my body!

I was so pleased that Okui Masami-san and Fukuyama Yoshiki-san of JAM Project remembered me. JAM Project and Karen Girl's appeared on the stage of RONDO ROBE (Rondo Robe 2008) and AniSama (Animelo Super Live 2008). The MCing during the concert also was so fun. I could feel the great teamwork of them -- they've been working together for 10 years!!


Another concert I went was Rihwa's. I went to the concert together with Ayami and Ayaka. Rihwa and we are under the same management office. Rihwa-chan is a singer and a songwriter. The lyrics of her songs made me identify with her. I was totally absorbed in her music. I bought her CD. I got her autograph. I was so happy.

I want to go to her concert again.


In conclusion. It's super fun to go to a concert!

It's good to listen to a CD, but going to a concert is absolutely better! And...

It's so cool to play an instrument! I wish I could play an instrument.




Diary & Photo by: Suzuka Nakamoto.

Translation: Onji Kobe.


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