2010.08.09 - Suzuka, Yui & Moa diary about Tokyo Idol Festival 2010

Suzuka Nakamoto, Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi wrote their impressions about their first performance at Tokyo Idol Festival 2010 with Sakura Gakuin, the group's debut was successful and featured 4 performances of 10 minutes each. Read what Su, Yui and Moa have to say about their debut! 


Suzuka, Yui & Moa about Sakura Gakuin's debut at TIF 2010

Suzuka: "We've safely finished the TIF!

I was surprised that we were welcomed so enthusiastically...I was very glad.

How was our performance of 'Yume ni Mukatte'?

We shall try our best so as to let more and more people know Sakura Gakuin!!!"


Yui: "Thank you for your big support to Sakura Gakuin.

Yui was so nervous that I was aware of my face being stiff.

But, I enjoyed the show.

I'll try my best again in the next show. Thank you.


Moa: "We've safely finished the Tokyo Idol Festival.

How was our performance? Did you enjoy it?!

Moa was very nervous, but enjoyed the show very much.

Thank you very much!!"




Translation by: Onji Kobe. 

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    Farren (Monday, 22 August 2016 20:31)

    I'm the first commenter? Yay!
    I first learned of Babymetal January of 2016, perusing Youtube and came across "Youtubers React to Babymetal".
    I thought: 'Babymetal'? What is that? Little babies playing guitars and drums and stuff?
    I then became very curious about this group, and the more I investigated the more I was drawn in.
    From there I discovered Sakura Gakuin, and from there I have learned about the 'Idol' culture and its history in Japan, and even learning of their most beloved idols and what tragedies or good-fortunes they had. It has been very interesting, very sad sometimes but for the most part uplifting and very, very refreshing (we don't get this sort of thing in North America - exposed to 'Americanized' media, which is saturated with over-sexualized nuance and violence, and I am sure many, many people are sick of it and yearn for something more wholesome, which is why a lot of people are turning to Sakura Gakuin).

    I must say that now...I am more of a fan of SG than Babymetal.
    Don't get me wrong, I adore Babymetal and all the Amuse agency has achieved with the 3 girls and the Kami Band members...but my heart lies with SG. But it gets worse: I am 'stuck' in the past. I cannot get enough of the '1st generation', meaning 2010-11. As much as I adore the first girls, the addition of Hana and Rinon really completed the set. To me, there is no better group of girls anywhere, at any time. As such...I do not follow the current (2016) SG very much. I know I should, but every time I start perusing the internet, I always go to the first girls, re-watching it over and over and over.

    By now, I am sure there are millions of people all over the world who now are fans of SG, and who would be THRILLED to see a REUNION of the original girls.

    That is all I should say right now, or I'll start writing a novel here.
    What the Amuse agency and Sakura Gakuin have created is beyond brilliant....it's genius.
    May good fortune bless all of you.

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada