2010.08.06 - Suzuka's deep diary about Hiroshima Peace Memorial & Toro Nagashi Ceremonies

Suzuka Nakamoto very deep diary about the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony, Toro Nagashi Ceremony and Sasaki Sadako. Once again Suzuka showing her respect for Hiroshima and spreading all her wisdom to her fans about vere deep topics, please read below the diary translated and a few links to learn more about the ceremonies and people she is talking about. 


Suzuka Nakamoto diary titled "Hiroshima"

We go to school on August 6 every year, although it's during summer holidays.

It's the day of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony.

At 8:15am, we observe a moment of silence.

At night, we have Toro Nagashi Ceremony.


Now I can enjoy singing, I can laugh, because of the 'Peace'.

This year, I've turned the 1st grader in middle school. Sasaki Sadako-san, the girl of the origami-cranes about whom we've learned at the class of peace-education in elementary school, passed away at the same age with me.

She only lived for 12 years. She must have wanted to live longer. She must have wanted to do more and more things.

I listened to 'inori' of Kumiko-san, and that made me think of Sadako-san again.

With gratitude for being alive, with thankfulness for being able to do what I really love -- singing!, I'll do my best in the coming event.






Translation by: Onji Kobe

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    All hail the Queen \,,/

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    For ours is a merciful and compassionate queen..
    Hail Queen Su!
    Live long rock hard! \v/

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