2010.08.05 - Moa Kikuchi first diary on Sakura Gakuin

Moa Kikuchi first diary as Sakura Gakuin member! She self-introduce sharing personal information and favorite things like guitars and sports! Diary translated below. 


Moa Kikuchi self-introducion in her first Sakura Gakuin diary!

I'm pleased to meet you, I'm Moa Kikuchi, 5th Grade of Elementary School.

Recently I joined Sakura Gakuin as transfered student.

I'm the smallest in both in height and age, please treat me nicely.


Well then, here's my self introduction:

I was born on July 4 of 1999 (Sunday), my Zodiac sign is Cancer.

I'm from Nagoya City in Aichi Prefecture! (Laughs).


My special skill is: I forgeting everything, specially the bad things!!

My hobbies are: Guitars and sports.

Regarding the guitars, I play classic guitars. Play YUI (Not Yui Mizuno (Laughs)). I play YUI's "Cherry", "Good-bye Days", and now "Country Road" songs. Regarding sports, since I have a flexible body and quick legs, I can do anything.


Binding Moa's hair is my most favorite thing!!

I can make it quite well, don't you agree?




Diary by: Moa Kikuchi.

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka


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