2010.08.04 - Yui Mizuno first diary as Sakura Gakuin student

Yui Mizuno published her first diary as Sakura Gakuin student! She introduces her profile talking about personal details and favorite things! Read her diary translated below. 


Yui Mizuno self-introduction in her first Sakura Gakuin diary

I'm Yui transfered student!!


I'm pleased to meet you, I'm Sakura Gakuin's transfered student Yui Mizuno.

I was born on June 20 of 1999. I'm 11 years old and 5th Grader student.


I just reached 130cm. My weight is a secret (Laughs).

Since Yui has been always admirer of Karen Girl's, the fact that I recently entered in Sakura Gakuin makes me very happy.


Since I really like dancing and singing, I would like to practice more and more, and perform at several events.

I'm doing my best with all my powers, please support me.


My favorite things: 

Food: Cucumber rice omelet

Snack: Pancake

School Subject: Physical Education

Sport: Soccer

Color: Pink

Hooby: Seal, collecting stickers




Diary by: Yui Mizuno.

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka 


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