2010.08.02 - Suzuka's diary: "About my ears"

Suzuka Nakamoto diary on Sakura Gakuin, this time Suzuka shares her impressions about favorite part of her body, her ears. Read this super cute diary translated below. 


Suzuka Nakamoto diary about her beautiful ears!

My favorite body part of mine is...my ears.

My ears are very alike with my dad's. (Laughs)

They stand erect(!?) and are a little different from the ears of most people.

They never wont to be under my hair and pop out.

It's frustrating that they soon get numb with cold and turn red in winter. And it's painful to wear earmuffs...

But, with my erected ears, I can hear sound from ahead more clearly than you. It's true.

So, I'm good at remembering a song (...?)

But, I'm bad at catching a whisper from behind.


※Please don't talk to me from behind.





Translation by: Onji Kobe

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    rikimetaru (Friday, 27 May 2016 10:32)

    ah! kawaii! Sumeta rules!

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    Mauricio (Saturday, 28 May 2016 03:17)