2010.07.02 - Suzuka's diary on Sakura Gakuin's self-introduction & Nagoya actities

Suzuka Nakamoto diary to show her introduction movie on Sakura Gakuin showing her special skill! Also she talks about her visit to Nagoya. Read the diary translated and her self-introduction below. 


Suzuka's diary: "Thank you for coming to see me at Nagoya"

From today, you can watch my self-introduction movie!!

I'm showing a surprising special skill in the movie..

Please never miss it.


When I performed 'Adventurers' (Boukensha Tachi) in Nagoya, I had Miso-katsu dish (a breaded pork-cutlet topped with miso-sauce. Nagoya specialty) and went to Nagoyajo-castle in my spare time.


I fully enjoyed Nagoya.




Diary translated by: Onji Kobe


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