2010.05.16 - Suzuka's first diary as Sakura Gakuin student

Suzuka Nakamoto first diary as Sakura Gakuin member wrote on May 16 of 2010. She introduce herself and talks about her favorite things. Read the full diary translated below. 


First diary on Sakura Gakuin: "I'm Nakamoto Suzuka"

It's nice to meet you!!

I'm Nakamoto Suzuka, the first grader in middle school!

Through the activities in Sakura Gakuin, I want to focus on singing and dancing!!

Thank you for your support!


My favorite

Place: Balcony.

Food: Cheese cake.

Item: iPot 

Character: Suzy's Zoo characters.



Translation by: Onji Kobe

Translator note: Suzuka wrote her favorite item 'iPot'... we Japanese sometimes mistake 'D' with 'T'. It's because we see the sound of 'D' and 'T' are close. (likewise, 'G & K', 'S & Z' are close sound for us. And as you know, 'R & L' has the same sound for us).


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