2010.05.16 - Suzuka Nakamoto first diary on Sakura Gakuin

First Suzuka's diary on Sakura Gakuin! She wrote a very short but beautiful diary where she introduce her profile and talk about her favorite things. Diary translated below. 


Suzuka Nakamoto self-introduction in her first diary on Sakura Gakuin

I'm Suzuka Nakamoto.

Pleased to meet you, I'm 1st Grade Junior High School student Suzuka Nakamoto.

I would like to do my best at singing and dancing in Sakura Gakuin activities. Please support me!


My favorite things: 

Place: Balcony

Food: Cheese cake

Item: iPod

Character: Suzy's Zoo




Diary by: Suzuka Nakamoto

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka.

Note: Suzuka actually wrote iPot, she meant iPod (Music device). 

Suzy's Zoo (Video)  


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