2010.04.01 - Suzuka Nakamoto questionnaire in Sakura Gakuin

Introductory questionnaire to Suzuka Nakamoto in Sakura Gakuin, released in April of 2010. Questionnaire about her favorite things, her thoughts about her Sakura Gakuin friends, and her dreams (don't miss that part). 


Suzuka Nakamoto talk about her charm, favorite things and dreams

Sakura Gakuin questionnaire to Suzuka Nakamoto in April of 2010. The questionnaire was part of the presentation of the original Sakura Gakuin members, before Moa Kikuchi and Yui Mizuno were added to the current squad at that time. 

The exact date of the questionnaire is not exact, the month and year are confirmed though. 

Words in red are external links to know the meaning of the word. 


Name: "Nakamoto Suzuka (12 years old)"

Nickname: "I’m called Su-Chan"

Charm point: "Big ears, hearing well"

Hobby: "To collect Suzy's Zoo goods"

Special skill: "I was said I learn songs quickly"

Favorite food: "Cheese cake, Okonomiyaki"

Favorite color: "White"

Favorite phrase: "Snail, climb Mt.Fuji without a rest"


Describe members’ characters in a word:

Ayami: "Leader, leading everyone briskly"

Ayaka: "Elder sister, noticing slight differences and supporting"

Airi: "Calm and relaxed, peaceful"

Suzuka: "Umm…freedom, can’t grasp by myself"

Marina: "Healing, soft and frivolous"

Raura: "Cool and cute, with it girl"

Nene: "Funny, never bored to be with and natural comedian"

Hinata: "Energetic, brightening surroundings"


What’s the charm of Sakura Gakuin?

"Unique members getting together"

What are you into recently?

"To collect color pens"


What was the happiest event recently?

"I got a lot of new friends in Jr.High."

What made you laugh recently?

"A fuel efficiency girl - Heidi movie."

What is the source of your energy?

"I eat an umeboshi everyday recently!!"

What’s your dream?

"To become a singer and concert in Budokan!"

Message for fans

"Thank you for always supporting me.

I’ll try my best to challenge more activities! Thanks for your continuous support."

Translation courtesy of: YM Japan