2010.02.03 - Suzuka Nakamoto as "Mini Patissier" member at VEGE ROCK presents Sweets Night Valentine SPECIAL

Did you know that Suzuka Nakamoto performed as main singer of "Mini Patissier" before even Sakura Gakuin started its activities? Suzuka played with Mini Patissier at VEGE ROCK on February 3 of 2010, read more about her special performance and check the photos below. 


Suzuka Nakamoto as "Minipati" with Nene, Raura and Marina! 

Before BABYMETAL, of course because Sakura Gakuin didn't exist as well, Suzuka Nakamoto performed as lead vocalist of "Mini Patissier" with Iida Raura, Nene Sugisaki and Marina Horiuchi whom also in the future will be Sakura Gakuin members with Suzuka as well. 


This event took place on February 3 of 2010 and was called "VEGE ROCK presents Sweets Night Valentine SPECIAL" to celebrate Valentine's Day. Along with "Mini Patissier" also played "Skoop On Somebody" and "Kyogo Kawaguchi", several popular Chef from Japan showed up between and during the performances. 


Minipati performance showed Suzuka Nakamoto as lead vocalist followed by the original 1st Generation of Minipati members Iida Raura, Nene Sugisaki and Marina Horiuchi and the Watermelon Boys who danced with them in the stage of VEGE ROCK. 


Check the photos of the event below. 

Photos courtesy of: Aya Kakisawa


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    Andre (Thursday, 11 February 2021 17:03)

    She didn't perform as main singer of "Mini Patissier", the official announcement said Sweets Sisters(ミニパティ、中元すず香 他)(Mini Pati, Suzuka Nakamoto, etc.)

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