Natalie: Karen Girl's first experience dubbing "Zettai Karen Children"

Ayami Muto, Yuika Shima and Suzuka Nakamoto are interviewed on Natalie to talk about their first experience as voice actresses. They were invited to make the dubbing of their own characters as Karen Girl's on "Zettai Karen Children". Read below the interview translated and photos of their sessions. 


Ayami, Yuika & Suzuka talk on Natalie about dubbing "Zettai Karen Children"

The Karen Girl's for first time try dubbing as voice actresses in the TV Tokyo Anime Serie "Zettai Karen Children". It's supposed to be on air next January 11, 2009. 


The Single by Karen Girl's "My Wings" which was released yesterday on November 26 is appointed to be the theme song of the same anime. In the broadcast they will appear in the role of Karen Girl's. Fans should look forward to the air time to see how the three will be involved in the story and how the three will represent the characters in the anime. 


Ayami who was the first finishing the dubbing said: "In case of the song, it's required emotions to match with melodies, but in case of dubbing, there are so many things that one must be conscious like the timing with the pictures, tongue and the difficulties to put emotions in the role." 


Yuika looks on the hardships: "I tried many times to adapt my dialogues to the pictures that suddenly appear, I noticed the challenge to combine the words with the pictures." 


And Suzuka said about the first experience on dubbing: "I usually watch anime in my daily life, but when I actually try dubbing, I felt it hard to talk when you are casually looking at the pictures. Although when I'm singing I can sing the emotions naturally, but for dubbing I think is difficult to put emotions according to each picture." 




Interview & photos:

Translation: Maik Gianino


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